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Jaap Reijngoud
Tel: +31638095053
Jaap Reijngoud, a former CITES Enforcement Officer in the Netherlands, established REIJNGOUD CoNCEPT Consultancy in January 2010.

Jaap started his career researching fresh water fish and water quality. From 1992 he has worked as a CITES Enforcement Officer, and has become a recognised expert in the protection of flora and fauna covered by both CITES and European Commission regulations, and has worked throughout the European Union. From 2008 he was also acted as an animal welfare officer investigating welfare and cruelty cases.

Since 2003 Jaap has worked closely with several European government departments and non-governmental organizations; particularly in providing training courses and workshops. Jaap has helped protect endangered species world wide, by developing CITES Enforcement staff's knowledge of: regulatory policies, investigative methodology, professional and legal standards, specialised techniques and databases.

After 18 years working as Enforcement Officer, it was time for a change and Jaap started his company REIJNGOUD CoNCEPT.

Regulatory protection by CITES and EC regulations, not only regulates trade in live specimens but also dead specimens including their manufactured derivatives like: timber, taxidermy specimens, cosmetics, food, incense, ivory, skins, bone, herbs, coral, medicines and tourist souvenirs.

The demand for live plants and animal specimens and their products is still increasing in Europe. Information is the key to prevent this illegal trade, not only for enforcement officers; but also for companies and individuals to protect themselves from inadvertent illegal trading when importing, exporting or wholesaling.

- Importers/exporters/wholesalers
- Government at local, regional and national levels
- Enforcement Agencies such as Police, Customs, Inspection Services,
- Companies
- Private persons
- Nature and Environmental organisations
- Animal welfare organisations

CITES training in Romania 2009

IMPEL 2019 Project: SPIDER WEB Project - more information here...

CPTES Database
Commercial Products in Trade containing Endangered Species
The CPTES database has been developed by Jaap for more than ten years to assist CITES enforcement agencies to quickly recognise commercial products that contain CITES protected species, whilst at the same time allowing legal products to be quickly confirmed.
CPTES is available on-line and as a Microsoft Access database and is updated twice a year.
Watch to CPTES video below:
Workshop: ID of TCM 7-8 December 2017,  Liege, Belgium
Speaking about wildlife crime at deBuren 22-09-14
CPTES training in Poland 2011