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Jaap Reijngoud
Tel: +31638095053

REIJNGOUD CoNCEPT has developed a series of specific 'easy identification guides' referenced to both CITES and EU regulations. These Include:

1) Identification of CITES protected species in medicinal, cosmetic and aromatic products.

2) CITES related Legislation at a National and International level, including the differences between EU member states. For example issues regarding caviar, live plants, hunting trophy’s etc.

3) Identification of reptiles and their products including their derivatives like leather.

4) Using the REIJNGOUD CoNCEPT's TAM database to identify if a 'Traditional Asian Medicine' has been recorded to contain a CITES protected species. A list of TAM safety issues that REIJNGOUD CoNCEPT is aware of is maintained. The current version is free for qualifying agencies. More information together with how to apply  for a username and password can be found here. The TAM database is used in several EU member states, (Belgium, Italy, Czech Republic, France, Poland, Romania, Norway, Sweden and the UK) and has recently deployed in New Zealand.

5) Using REIJNGOUD CoNCEPT's:  CPTES database to identify a  species  protection status under the CITES / EU provisions.

REIJNGOUD CoNCEPT can advise on their practical applications.

Tradtional Medicine training in Poland 2008


Seized Dalbergia nigra (rio pallisander) veneer sheets

Developing identification methods (medicines)


Identifying protected plants in herbal products
Mu Xiang